Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management

Duration : 1 Year (2 Semester)
Eligibility : Graduate from any Stream.
Fee: Rs. 12000/- Per Sem

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Marketing is an important interface function with the market environment and focusses sharply on the delivery of the output. Its role is to ensure continued compatibility of the organisation's offerings with the market requirements and to deliver the benefits sought by the customer. With the opening up of the economy, increase in the literacy rate and communication through mass media, the Indian consumer has become more informed and empowered. The Internet technology has also revolutionised the marketing and sales functions. The advent of e-commerce and e-business are creating new learning opportunities. The customer is no longer willing to accept what is offered without questioning. This programme covers various aspects related to Marketing Management, Marketing Research and Advertising. The programme covers the strategic role of e-business in improving the marketing function of a firm. In the global marketing environment subject to intense competition and rapid Internet-induced changes, an organisation's competitive advantage depends on key strategic decisions. This programme gives decision-makers a strong foundation in marketing concepts and skills.

Programme Objectives

  • To develop concepts in marketing.
  • To explain the scope of marketing management-analysing opportunities, selecting target segments, developing the market mix, managing the marketing effort.
  • To provide understanding of the communication mix, advertising campaigns, media planning, budgeting, marketing mix decisions, scope and limitations of market research.
  • To develop strong concepts in marketing strategies for emerging technology and mature markets.
  • To build concepts in channel development and management, dealer and sales force management.
  • To provide understanding about the internet as a strategic medium for marketing and sales efforts for a company.
Sub. Code Subject Credit Total Marks Th. Max Marks Th. Min Marks Pr./Viva Max Marks Pr./Viva Min Marks Asst. Max Marks Asst. Min Marks
PGDMM1 Consumer behaviour 6 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
PGDMM2 Sales and distribution management 6 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
PGDMM3 Product and brand management 6 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
PGDMM4 International marketing 6 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
PGDMM5 Advertising management 6 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
PGDMM6 Marketing of services 7 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
PGDMM7 Marketing research 7 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
PGDMM8 Rural marketing 7 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
PGDMM9 Retail management 7 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
TOTAL 28 400 280 112 0 0 120 48

Graduation Degree in any discipline from a recognised University

People already working in sales or those seeking a career in marketing will benefit from the broad theory and practical base that this programme provides. It will prove helpful for entrepreneurs seeking to launch new products or revamp existing products in the market. This programme is for those who wish to pursue a career in marketing and are seeking a formal qualification.

Semester Fee : Rs 12,000/- or as revised from time to time. Fee may also be paid one-time/annually. Please contact Ph. 7739020000 for more details.