Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management

Duration : 1 Year (2 Semester)
Eligibility : Graduate from any Stream.
Fee: Rs. 12000/- Per Sem

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Business managers are increasingly becoming responsible for managing their profit centres. They need a certain level of financial knowledge and expertise to evaluate their business performance and financial risk and determine the business and financial strategies for their businesses. This One Year Specialised Diploma Programme will introduce participants to financial decision tools as well as financial management theories and practices that enable them to interpret financial statements, plan, and measure performance using budgets and other financial techniques, make financial decisions and manage financial risks.

Basic Accounting addresses itself to the task of recording, classifying and compiling data from transactions with the market involving exchange of inputs and outputs. Managers in the organisation have to be concerned with the impact of their actions on the profit. They, therefore, need to know the basics of accounting. Important business decisions concern how much to produce and at what level to price the products. Different techniques of processing information for management decisions have evolved over last few decades and have been referred to as Management Accounting.

The programme takes a realistic look into the broad aspects of Financial Management and relates theories, tools and techniques to practical experience. It also provides an exposure to the prevailing financial environment in the country.

Programme Objectives

  • To give an insight into the financial aspects of a business operation
  • To describe the role and function of external financial reports and identify their users and the regulatory framework in which they are prepared.
  • To enable understanding and interpretation of the financial statements produced by the organisations.
  • To equip participants with the practical strategies and concepts used in security markets to maximise company gains.
  • To develop a good understanding of knowledge required and techniques available to enable managers to measure and manage business performance in their organisations.
Sub. Code Subject Credit Total Marks Th. Max Marks Th. Min Marks Pr./Viva Max Marks Pr./Viva Min Marks Asst. Max Marks Asst. Min Marks
PGDFM1 Working capital management 6 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
PGDFM2 Capital investment and financing decisions 6 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
PGDFM3 Management control systems 6 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
TOTAL 18 300 210 84 0 0 90 36
SEMESTER II (Compulsory papers)
PGDFM4 Security analysis and portfolio management 7 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
PGDFM5 International financial management 7 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
PGDFM6 Management of financial services 7 100 70 28 0 0 30 12
TOTAL 21 300 210 84 0 0 90 36

Graduation Degree in any discipline from a recognised University

This programme is aimed at working executives, self-employed people and finance/accounting professionals who are either using the accounting/financial information or preparing budgets, making financial decisions or are simply interested in understanding the language of finance.

Semester Fee : Rs 12,000/- or as revised from time to time. Fee may also be paid one-time/annually. Please contact Ph. 7739020000 for more details.