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Today's tremendously competitive world demands an education that highly focused on transforming students into specialized professional. The continuously changing needs of industry also dictate that course curriculums should have the necessary flexibility to not just keep pace but stay one step ahead.

Career opportunities are there for asking, the only criterion being that students should be in sync with the 'real world' situation, thanks to an education that reflects the fluid and dynamic industry scenario.

This is especially true of the IT industry, which has been witnessing unprecedented growth, with our country displaying all the signs of emerging as knowledge-based Global Superpower. The blistering pace of development has meant that this sector has an almost insatiable demand for skilled professionals.

To enable students to succeed in just such an environment, ACAS Pvt Ltd offers IT Career oriented professional courses through One of the ASEA's Leading university. The idea is to create opportunities in various fields by incorporating latest specialties of learning, which would cater to the critical needs of the industry and the economy. This will make education more relevant as well as more vocational and skill-based.

The programmes have been expertly drawn up and designed to perfectly suit the needs of not only regular students but also of those seeking to update and upgrade their domain knowledge and skills.

We have harnessed the talents of distinguished faculty and employed the most advanced communication and technological tools, to deliver quality education. So that we provide you with the perfect springboard to reach greater heights in your career.

We invite you to prepare and equip yourself to the thrown open doors of opportunity that await in your exciting future.


ACAS Pvt Ltd has been established with a vision to provide quality professional services to address diverse business challenges facing organizations throughout the India and across the globe. To work closely with our customers to assist them in the implementation and support of technology solutions-those that help keep them ahead of their competition.

We are comitted to impart the best education with real life project development and implementation, where our students can have more practical exposure of the software development, than just a theoritical knowledge, the students undergo classes Online (Audio and Visuals), where they see the Real Implimentation and Development Process thus helping to understand the topic easily.